Private and Group Options

Choose your Blues package that fits you!

From one-on-one training with top instructors, to group lessons providing inspiration from your fellow dancers, find the flexible match for your schedule:

Private instruction gets you direct, personalized lesson and practice plans from a top teacher. Perfect for new dancers to get a jump-start on the joy of Blues in a no-pressure environment and for advanced dancers to fine-tune the dynamics of their technique with a big challenge.

They can be scheduled at a day and time that works for you!

Private Classes
Per Class
Intro Class
special first time trial!
Private Hour
Package of 3
Package of 5
Your instructor blah blah link to bios here

Group lessons will push and stretch your abilities. They are also drop-in and all-level, which means no pre-registration is necessary. Dancers are encouraged to practice with each other to understand better how their new skills are effective. Come try Blues for the first time or experienced challenges for the expert dancer to use skills any one on any dance floor.

Group Classes
Per Class
Time Slot
Blues Music & History
Thursday 7:30pm
starting Sept. 14th
All-Level Blues Dance
Thursdays 8:30pm
starting Sept. 14th
Blues Taster
intro to dance
Free! (with party entry)
3rd Friday monthly
You’ll find a mix of topics and teachers, many times international instructors coming in from out of town! You can stay updated on the Facebook Page and blah blah