Off-The-Hook Special Events!

We’re known near and far for our Off-the-Hook Special Events. We’ve partied ’til the sun came up, danced ’til our feet ached, busted out some sweet moves, drank the house dry… and we loved every minute of it!

We do our best to bring you a special event every couple months. Once a year, we really up the ante! In 2013, our team brought you the return of MezzJelly Blues. In 2014, we debuted the now legendary Blues Battle!

We’re constantly dreamin’ and schemin’… so why stop the fun now?!? See what other Blues Shenanigans we’ve got lined up!

Photo Credit: Ismael Fernandez

Episode VI – Return of the Alfredo

You loved him. We loved him more. And so, we’ve savoured every precious minute we could grab while he was very far overseas. But it clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy our (extensive!) needs! So this year, we’re upping the ante! By, like, 100! This time, it’s FULL WEEKEND EMERSION!!

By extremely popular demand, we’re super excited to once again bring you Alfredo Melendez! And we’re gonna squeeze in as much fun as we can April 17-19, 2020!! (Probably some learning too!)

As a limited time bonus, you can get ALL the main events* for only $100 if you register by February 28th! (Trust us… that’s a freakin’ steal!)
*Advanced Class and Lunch extra

Get ready for:
2 Days of “Break-Your-Brain” Classes…
3rd Fridays Blues Party featuring Alfie Smith Trio
Lunch Time Q&A/Discussion with our Somewhat Expert Panel…
Off-the-Hook “Gin & Jukes” House Party
Your favourite DJs
Even more goodness/nonsense…

You absolutely do not want to miss this opportunity to learn from one of our favourite instructors
…and/or to help introduce Alfredo to our Toronto “House Party” culture
…and/or experience the “Toronto-Experience” at its best!

Dovercourt House – 805 Dovercourt Rd
3rd Friday Blues Dance
Intro Class with Alfredo – 9PM
Alfie Smith Trio and your favourite DJs starting at 10PM

Dovercourt House – 805 Dovercourt Rd
Advanced Concepts to Advance Your Dancing – 11:00-1:00PM
Tango/Fusion for “Blues” Dancers – 1:30-5:00PM
House Part-ay – 9pm-Late o’clock with your Fav DJs! (Address available at event)

Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd
Blues for “Dancers” – 12:00-5:00PM
Including lunch from one of our favourite restaurants with an Extra-Special Panel discussion featuring Special Guest DJ Ron Jon and more!

Stay tuned… Even more details are on the way SUPER SOON!

More Alfredo Details
Alfredo Melendez has been performing, teaching, and competing in partner dancing for over 15 years. He has won multiple competitions in blues and west coast swing, has collaborated and taught with nationally and internationally recognized artists, and has studied Argentine tango, blues, and multiple kinds of swing with world class instructors from all over the globe.

His joy is in imparting the knowledge he has gained and sharing his love of the beauty of partner dancing. He specializes in the power of connection and musicality between partners.