Off-The-Hook Special Events!

We’re known near and far for our Off-the-Hook Special Events. We’ve partied ’til the sun came up, danced ’til our feet ached, busted out some sweet moves, drank the house dry… and we loved every minute of it!

We do our best to bring you a special event every couple months. Once a year, we really up the ante! In 2013, our team brought you the return of MezzJelly Blues. In 2014, we debuted the now legendary Blues Battle!

We’re constantly dreamin’ and schemin’… so why stop the fun now?!? See what other Blues Shenanigans we’ve got lined up!


Blue Christmas… and Other Assorted Holidays Too!

Featuring Caitlin Wellman & The End of the World

We’re celebrating the Best Holidays this holiday season! If you’re already playing your Christmas music, this dance is for you! If you’re more into dreidel-spinning, pull up your Hannukah socks and come on by! Prefer to get decked out for Kwanzaa? We got you covered. Thought you had “the best” Halloween costume this year? Throw it on again! Want to get a head jump on Valentine’s? Relive Thanksgiving? National Mac’n’Cheese day?!? We don’t discriminate! If it’s a holiday you want to celebrate, we’re here for it… and we’ve got a special prize up our sleeve for the best “Holiday Celebrator”. (Interpret that however you’d like!)

9PM Lesson. 10PM Band. Holiday Celebration All Nite!!

$15 includes lesson.
$10 for students (available at the door only)