Off-The-Hook Special Events!

We’re known near and far for our Off-the-Hook Special Events. We’ve partied ’til the sun came up, danced ’til our feet ached, busted out some sweet moves, drank the house dry… and we loved every minute of it!

We do our best to bring you a special event every couple months. Once a year, we really up the ante! In 2013, our team brought you the return of MezzJelly Blues. In 2014, we debuted the now legendary Blues Battle!

We’re constantly dreamin’ and schemin’… so why stop the fun now?!? See what other Blues Shenanigans we’ve got lined up!


JUNE 1-3, 2018

We’re super excited to have John Lozano back in Toronto. SO VERY EXCITED!!!

With over a decade of teaching blues under his belt, John has helped to shape blues scenes around the Midwest, West Coast, and Canada. His methodical approach to studying and teaching partnered movement packs the biggest punch with the lightest touch. His accessibility inspires beginners, enables intermediates and unlocks the advanced. His masterful soft lead is swooned over, his following leaves people awestruck, and his ability to seamlessly switch roles is unmatched in the natural world. The effortlessness that he demonstrates on the dance floor can only be compared to that which he demonstrates when puffing himself up in a bio. Whether his classes are exploring Blues fundamentals, components & variations, or adaptive techniques, they are guaranteed to be accessible and addicting.

Yes, we’ll be offering more details about classes and all that jazz, but for now, you can expect… Rhythmical Rhythms, Crazy Connections, Lead-Follow Mastery… and a whole lotta Rule Breaking!

And we’re offering all this for a very special price… two days, $70!

Plus, this weekend we’re diving in even deeper to our community. This means we’re shaking things up a bit. You can expect…

Friday Night Blues and Boardgames House Party – 9pm-1isham
*Open to registered attendees only*

Geek Out with John (Advanced Add-On Class) 10-12pm
805 Studio, 805 Dovercourt Road

Saturday Classes with John – 1-5pm
805 Studio, 805 Dovercourt Road

Saturday Epic House Party – 10pm-Late O’Clock
174 Rushton Road, Toronto

Sunday Classes with John – 1-5pm
805 Studio, 805 Dovercourt Road

Given our set-up, as usual, space will be limited! GET YO’SELF REGISTERED TODAY!!


Door Prices:
Saturday Classes – $45 ($15/class)
Sunday Classes – $45 ($15/class)
Advanced Add-on Class – $50