Off-The-Hook Special Events!

We’re known near and far for our Off-the-Hook Special Events. We’ve partied ’til the sun came up, danced ’til our feet ached, busted out some sweet moves, drank the house dry… and we loved every minute of it!

We do our best to bring you a special event every couple months. Once a year, we really up the ante! In 2013, our team brought you the return of MezzJelly Blues. In 2014, we debuted the now legendary Blues Battle!

We’re constantly dreamin’ and schemin’… so why stop the fun now?!? See what other Blues Shenanigans we’ve got lined up!


What happens when you take three artists with loads of ideas, set no boundaries or expectations… and you unleash them?!? A Dance-Free-For-All bursting with technique and creativity is what we’re guessing… but really, who knows what could happen?!

It’s all happening September 27-29, 2019!!!
There will be a 4th Friday Blues Dance! There will be another edition of our “Gin & Jukes” house parties! There will be a John Lozano and a Dan Repsch and local favourite Brooke Filsinger. There will be performances and demos and creativity galore!

4th Friday Blues Dance – 805 Studio, 805 Dovercourt Rd
John & Dan’s Very First Ever Collaboration at 9PM
Dance with our Dope DJs – Alex Lafortune (Tunes), DJ Ron Jon, and Dave Roze starting at 10PM

Special ‘Advanced Geek Out’ Demonstration – 11:00-1:00PM, 805 Dovercourt Rd
Toronto Threesome Demonstrations – Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd
1:45-3:00PM John & Dan
3:15-4:15PM Brooke & John
4:30-5:30PM Dan & Brooke
House Partay – 9pm-Late o’clock! (Address available at event)

More Triad Performances – Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd
12-1:15PM John & Brooke
1:30-3:00PM Lunch-time discussion with Special Guest DJ Ron Jon
3:00-4:30PM Dan & John
4:45-6:00PM Dan & Brooke
Stay tuned… Even more details are on the way SUPER SOON!

Dan Repsch
More Dan Details and John Jazz

Dan is immersed in the music and the movement. He constantly travels to continue learning, happily sharing his ideas along the way. In his teaching, Dan’s enthusiastic approach brings a focus on innovation, connection, and attention to your partner. Dan is also a veteran DJ, spinning for events across the continent and locally on a weekly basis, and has dabbled in organizing for events and local dances. In the end, Dan is most excited to push his dancing and to see his students break through their boundaries.


With over a decade of blues experience under his belt, John has helped to shape blues scenes around the Midwest, West Coast, and Canada. His methodical approach to studying and demonstrating partnered movement packs the biggest punch with the lightest touch. His accessibility inspires beginners, enables intermediates and unlocks the advanced. His masterful soft lead is swooned over, his following leaves people awestruck, and his ability to seamlessly switch roles is unmatched in the natural world. The effortlessness that he demonstrates on the dance floor can only be compared to that which he demonstrates when puffing himself up in a bio. Whether his performances are exploring Blues basics, components & variations, or adaptive techniques, they are guaranteed to be addicting and informative.

Do You Trust Us?!?
We’re promising to deliver THE VERY BEST in dance and parties… and NOW you can pre-buy everything from your Friday Night Dance Ticket to your Advanced Geek Out to your ‘We’ll Feed You Lunch’ Add-ONs! And since you’re taking the leap first and committing in advance, sight unseen, we’re offering you the best deal! You won’t regret a minute. Guaranteed!

Friday Night Dance – $10
Saturday & Sunday Festival – $100
Saturday Advanced “Limited Attendance” Extra – $30

Do you need a little (or lot of) help to attend? Our TO Blues community firmly believes in helping out our friends in need. If finances are the only thing stopping you, please reach out to us at for a helping hand, no strings attached.